Why You Didn’t Make it to the NBA

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If you’re reading this, there’s a chance you practiced fake buzzer beater shots in the backyard, screamed “KOBE” while you shot, or dunked on lowered 7.5ft rims. We all dreamed of playing under the bright lights of the NBA. However, life has a funny way of working itself out the way it does.

Here are the top reasons why YOU never made the NBA.

46 Pictures Of Yao Ming Next To Regular Humans Shows Just How Tall He Is |  BuzzNick
Yao Ming and Allen Iverson

Genetic Lottery: Well… not everyone turns out 7’6″ like Yao Ming

Truth be told, Cavaliers hand Celtics punishing defeat, 121-99 – Boston  Herald
Jordan Clarkson celebrating a made 3-pointer

Turnin’ Your Swag On: You up for the challenge to take on the NBA with that confidence to hit big shots?

Yuta Tabuse Fact Sheet | Phoenix Suns
Yuta Tabuse (5’9″) guarding Antonio Daniels (6’4″)

Stereotypes: “Asian Masculinity” stereotypes: feminine demeanor and physicality, harmless, and non-confrontational. Maybe these stereotypes + us not fitting the mold got coaches and recruits feeling some type of way

Jeremy Lin played NCAA basketball at Harvard and sparked some Linsanity on the New York Knicks

School > Sports: Parents made you prioritize academics over sports and extracurriculars? Balancing a lot of things and excelling at them is tough, but you just got to find a way

TLDR: Yeah, the odds might be stacked against us, but everything worth having is also worth working for. Chase those hoop dreams my friends. Don’t let your mom tell you otherwise. #jeremylinforpresident2020

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