POLL: Which Noodle Soup is the Best?

It’s that season where we’re all craving a good noodle soup and thankfully for all of us foodies out there, there’s a ton of different ones to try out! Here we’ll go over three of the most popular noodle soups you can get, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite one below! We’ll also provide links for recipes on each one for those of us who aren’t near any Asian restaurants.

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

This, in my opinion is the classic noodle soup. It doesn’t do anything fancy here but with its combination of hand pulled or hand cut noodles along with some tender beef, spicy (optional) beef broth, bok choy, and scallions it’s the perfect meal and a great go-to meal in the winter time. Additionally, it is also common to add some sauerkraut to give it a little more of a kick and enhance the flavor a little more. Recipe


Hungover? Say no more. Doordash the nearest pho restaurant and you’ll feel better in no time. Seriously though, there isn’t a better hangover food than pho. Very much like Taiwanese beef noodle soup, it’s very simple in its essence: rice noodles, beef broth, your choice of meat, and side dish of veggies you can add that includes (mints, beansprouts, and sliced jalapeño). For some reason, there’s really nothing more satisfying that a good bowl of the pho broth. Maybe its all that MSG..  Recipe


Most expensive, most ingredients, most.. delicious? We’re not talking about cup noodles here. We’re talking actual ramen, with soft-boiled eggs, corn, seaweed, cha-siu, green onions, bamboo shoots, and fish-cake, over some fresh pork-bone broth. However, a good ramen restaurant will charge anywhere from 15-20 USD but boy is it worth every penny. There’s a reason why it’s so expensive and that reason is it because it’s freaking delicious. Recipe

Which of these three is your favorite, or is there another noodle soup you prefer over the three mentioned above? Take this poll or comment down below your favorite!

Best Noodle Soup

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