Which Jobs Will Actually Please Your Tiger Mom?

Look let’s be real, it’s not enough that we got good grades and we’re attending a good university. Your parents didn’t spend all those years hovering over our shoulders just so that they can pay for you to go to a good school.

You’re their payout.

You’re that investment where they had to deal with years of your stupid shit so that hopefully, hopefully, you’ll one day being supporting them so that they can retire happily. Unfortunately, that limits a lot of job opportunity as the only jobs they’ll accept of you are the ones that not only pay well, but the ones that will also sound good when they tell their friends and family what you do. Let’s keep those 2 criteria mind.


This one’s obvious. If you don’t didn’t grow up with your parents telling you to be a doctor, you’re reading the wrong post. Not only are you getting paid but you’re getting the prestige of being called doctor. Parents love it.

Tiger Mom Satisfaction Score: 10/10

Software Developer

We all know software developers make bank, but do our parents know that? This one’s tricky because while it satisfies the salary criteria, it doesn’t quite have the same ring as doctor. This, however changes depending on where you work. If you get a job at a well known company like Google or Amazon, it will be easy for them to tell their friends that their child is an engineer at big company. However, if you’re at a small company they never heard of, well, you basically work in IT to them.

Tiger Mom Satisfaction Score: 6-9/10


I’m sorry. Give it up or get disowned. You’re basically homeless to them. Well, unless you’re the 1% that makes it. Then your parents will have endless ammunition of bragging power.

Tiger Mom Satisfaction Score: 1/10

Law Enforcement

To the rest of the world, you’re brave, but to your parents, you’re stupid. Just kidding, they love you and don’t want you to to die. The pay is decent and it sounds good to their friends.

Tiger Mom Satisfaction Score: 5/10

Non-profit Organization

I don’t even know how to get started on this one. To them, everything is for profit including you. You work at a non-profit and you’re basically dead to them. Not even joking.

Tiger mom Satisfaction Score: 0/10


Okay. I mean it’s okay. They won’t hate you but it’s not like you’ll be their favorite child either.

Tiger Mom Satisfaction Score: 5/10

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