What Your Major Says About How Your Asian Parents Raised You

There are lots of stereotypes about Asian parents and the professions they pressure their children to pursue, but what exactly does the major you chose say about how your parents raised you? 

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1. Pre-med

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Obviously we have to start off with this one. When growing up as an Asian-American with immigrant parents, becoming a doctor is the gold standard. But usually when we think about kids who pursue medicine, we assume that they were raised by tiger parents or extremely traditional families. In reality, it’s either this, or your parents were relatively lenient with you. Your parents may have applied some sort of pressure on you to be successful and provide for the family, but mostly you have taken the initiative with your career. 

2. Finance

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Your parents are very practical. Like most Asian kids, you probably learned an instrument growing up (Piano? Violin?) but quit as soon as your parents allowed you to. If your major is finance, or even economics, you were probably raised in a lesser-strict setting. It wasn’t too hard to ask your parents to hang out with your friends every once in a while, but they would get really angry if you broke curfew.

3. Fine Arts

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Your parents are chill. Really chill. Few to none of the Asian parent stereotypes apply here – your parents probably let you walk in the house with your shoes on. But this isn’t to say that your parents don’t have any strict values, they simply prioritize other things in life besides dictating their child’s career path. 

4. Engineering

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Contrary to popular belief, if your major is any type of engineering, your parents are most likely chill. They definitely have an intimidating reputation among your Asian family friends, but you know that really your parents would support you regardless of your career path. Most people who end up choosing engineering are very self-sufficient and have high expectations for themselves, which is usually telling of a flexible and supportive household.

5. Political Science

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Your parents are probably lawyers or government workers. Even so, you have a hard time convincing them that modern activism is important and necessary. You definitely grew up having long and difficult discussions at the dinner table, trying to convince your conservative, immigrant parents that not everyone can be as successful as they are. Oh, the struggle. Your parents are probably on the stricter side (Life 365 maybe?) but they know how to take it easy once in a while.

6. Design

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Your parents are probably pretty strict. Even though you’re in college, you still have to ask your parents whether or not you can go out. Although they’re pretty overprotective, they will support you in your career endeavors as long as you can prove that it’s sustainable. 

7. Liberal Arts

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Sociology, anthropology, English, etc. Your parents probably weren’t too involved in your childhood, and never forced you to pick up any specific hobbies. Since you’re curious about understanding the world more deeply, you were likely raised in a more complacent household. Still, your parents care a lot about your happiness and livelihood so their parenting style is more hands-off.

We can’t always please our parents, especially with our career choices, but check here for a list of great gifts you can give to your Asian parents to thank them for all they’ve done.

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