What Your Favorite Anime Says About You

What does your favorite anime say about you? With quarantine forcing us to stay home, binging TV shows and movies has never been more common. If you’re like me, instead of rewatching The Office for the fifth time, you decided to switch it up and browse Netflix’s anime category instead. This inevitably led to the development of an unhealthy addiction to being a complete and utter weeb.

With that being said, here’s what your latest obsession say about you:

1. Naruto

If Naruto is your favorite anime, congratulations. You’ve earned the respect of all anime and manga lovers out there. Nothing tops this classic, and especially if you’ve liked this anime for over ten years, you are definitely an OG fan with taste. Kids probably bullied you in elementary school for cosplaying and doing the obnoxious Naruto run, but you’ve toned it down a bit since then. You guys are cool, but please stop trying to gatekeep anime for the newbies here.

2. One Piece

One word: loyal. If the 931 episodes (and counting)  don’t speak for themselves, let me just say that you definitely stick to something once you start it. Life is never dull around One Piece fans, but that’s probably attributed to the small percentage of their personalities that are probably clinically insane. You guys are the perfect balance of chill and crazy – great for being in a long-term relationship.

3. Bleach

The last of the holy trinity – if your favorite anime is Bleach, you probably have a lot of respect for authority. You’re also very patient (all those filler episodes, ugh) and try to see the best in people. I also have a feeling you guys are good at math. My one tip for you folks: stay away from the Bleach live action movie on Netflix.

4. Attack on Titan

You’re basic, but everyone loves you anyway. There’s a reason why things become popular, right? Although you probably just got into anime recently, old anime lovers respect your taste. Attack on Titan stans are great listeners, problem-solvers, and probably have a lot of friends. 

5. Haikyuu!

You like hot guys and have probably played some type of team sport in your life. No, but for real, Haikyuu lovers have a deep appreciation for all kinds of people, and know how to properly gauge others’ strengths. You’re probably ambitious and have high hopes for yourself, but have trouble finding motivation sometimes (we all can relate).

6. Kakegurui

People think you’re toxic, but really you’re just honest. Kakegurui is all about mind games, and you know how to navigate through real life manipulators well. You also probably would do well in school if you tried, but you would rather spend time learning skills that can be applied immediately. There aren’t a lot of things you would risk it all for, but for the people you love most, gambling is easy. Like One Piece fans, you’re probably a bit insane as well (but definitely in a more terrifying way).

7. Maid Sama

If your favorite anime is Maid Sama, you’re definitely a very positive person and people naturally gravitate towards you. Although you may be slightly socially awkward, many find it charming and view you as easily approachable. When you were younger, you likely had dreams of finding a man who’s assertive like Usui, but you’ve come to realize that you actually prefer much gentler and relatable partners.

8. The Promised Neverland

Fans of this show aren’t easily surprised by things. Hence, you’re either your friend group’s mom or stoner friend, there’s no in between. You have a lot of deep thoughts, but sometimes they escape you easily and so you have a hard time verbalizing them. People around you would describe you as smart yet clueless, but everyone you meet has a good first impression. Basically, if your favorite anime is The Promised Neverland, you’re cool and underrated.

If looking at this list brought someone to mind, check out this list of great presents you can gift your weebs friend! Have fun binging your next watch!

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