What Your Boba Order Says About You

When you go out with your friends for those weekly boba runs, everyone has a go-to drink they know they can rely on. From jasmine tea to black tea, hazelnut to honeydew, there are so many ways to go. What does your boba order say about your personality? 

1. Milk Tea

You’re a traditionalist. You hate taking risks and would much rather stick to the things you know you can count on. You’re definitely “the sensitive one”/“the baby” of your group.

2. Fruit Tea

If you’re more of a Mango Black Tea or Wintermelon fan, you like your boba fix but probably aren’t as obsessed with it as some of your friends. Unlike them, you actually somewhat care about your lactose intolerance. You definitely had a vegan phase at some point.

3. Thai Tea

Life of the party coming through. If you order Thai Tea, congratulations, you are the main character. You’re classic, fun, and uncomplicated. Enough said.

4. Matcha Milk Tea

If you order anything with matcha in it, you are textbook boujee. You take five different pictures of your drink before adding one to your snapchat story—it has to be just right, okay? You probably also wear an apple watch and own a lot of stationery.

5. Taro

You don’t really understand why there are a hundred different things on the menu. 50% sweetness? Crystal boba? It’s all Greek to you. You just want something good. And this purple stuff always does the trick.

Bonus: Lavender Milk Tea

Who are you?!


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