WATCH: Jeremy Lin Releases Chilling PSA Addressing Asian Hate Crimes

Last week, Jeremy Lin posted on Facebook addressing the ongoing racism facing the Asian-American community, while giving personal examples of racism that he’s dealt with. In the post, he mentioned that he was called “coronavirus” on the court during a game.

Being a 9 year NBA veteran doesn’t protect me from being called “coronavirus” on the court

Jeremy has always been a huge proponent of Asian American identity and now has recently used his voice to speak out on the issues Asian Americans have been facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most recently, Lin has released a troubling PSA on Bleacher Report addressing the frustrations and calling for help.

Jeremy shares a powerful message in the video essay which serves as a call to arms and a stop to the systemic racism against Asians that has long been ignored.

“We’re tired of our pain being overlooked,” Lin said on the video. “We’re tired of keeping our heads down or not making any trouble when our elders are being assaulted, stabbed, and killed. Wouldn’t you be?”

Jeremy goes on to detail the various hate crimes against Asians that have recently become more violent and more common.

“We’re tired of this hateful violence. We’re tired of talking about it. But we’re not done speaking out. Far from it,” he said. ” … Reach out to offer your support. To educate others. And let’s put an end to this violence and hate, together.”


As the fight against systemic racism continues, Lin wants to make sure that the plight of Asians in the United States is included in the conversation.

Resources to help with the Asian hate crimes:

  • Asian Americans Advancing Justice – AAJC develops projects, training, education and advocacy to advance civil and human rights for Asian Americans.
  • Stop AAPI Hate: The Stop AAPI Hate reporting center tracks and responds to incidents of hate, violence, harassment, discrimination, shunning, and child bullying against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in California and, where possible, throughout the United States.
  • Welcome to Chinatown to offer financial relief to affected businesses, and spreading the word to your communities.

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