[VIDEO] Driver Hits Another Man and Crashes Through Storefront in Road Rage Brawl in Queens NY

Around 2 p.m. in Flushing, NY two men driving a BMW had an argument with another driver and passenger of an Audi. This dispute escalates into a four-man brawl with a number of punches thrown and a man swinging a baseball bat.

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The driver of the white Audi, who police identified as 24-year-old Jie Zou, then walks back to his vehicle. The rival man with a baseball bat follows Zou, at which point he attempts to run the rival man over. In the process, Zou crashes through the storefront of Rainbow Bakery and attempts to flee the scene on foot. This ultimately ends in multiple civilians being injured and Zou being arrested by the police.

The Aftermath

  • Zou was arrested and faces three counts of assault, two counts of leaving the scene, and charges of reckless endangerment.
  • Police reports four people – three women and a man – were hospitalized with non life-threatening injures.
  • The passenger in Zou’s car, 35-year-old Jonathan Zhang, and the other two involved in the fight will all face assault charges.
  • Rainbow Bakery owner John Lo told CBS2, “I’m so sad and I’m really worried about my employee. I’m really worried about my business, too”.

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