Top 7 Asian Drinks To Buy On Your Next Grocery Trip

Milk Tea and Boba shops are everywhere nowadays! So when people think of Asian drinks the first thought is automatically Boba. But there are plenty of Asian drinks that deserve some recognition that you might want to add to your grocery list.

1. Milkis

Milkis is a milk and yogurt carbonated drink perfect for hot summer days. The milky flavor gives soda a new refreshing take. Milkis can be found in most Asian groceries but is now also being sold at Costco as well!

2. C2

C2 is a popular cold tea drink from the Philippines. With its fresh and light flavor, it’s a drink that fits any meal or occasion. C2 also offers a variety of flavors from apple, lemon, peach, and classic green tea.

3. Vita Lemon Tea

Vita lemon tea is another tea drink perfect for drinking during study breaks or while watching your favorite TV show. It’s sweet, a bit sour, and addicting!

4. Maxim Mocha Gold Instant Coffee

This drink is for coffee lovers! Even if you don’t happen to like coffee, Maxim is rich and almost perfect for being instant.

5. Royal Milk Tea

Ever craving milk tea but too lazy to head out to your closest boba shop? This black tea blend gives the perfect taste of sweetness that can definitely satisfy your boba cravings.

6. Ramune Soda

Another soda flavored drink great to accompany your favorite snack! Ramune’s bottle also makes for a fun and enjoyable experience.

7. Yakult

This popular probiotic drink may stir up some nostalgia. Yakult is a classic drink among many Asians and it’s definitely not one to miss on the grocery list.

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