Top 5 Must-Read Manhwas For A Total Beginner

Manhwas are Korea’s equivalent to Japan’s manga. These Korean comics are largely digital, often colorized, read from top-to-bottom, and are just as compelling to read through. Intrigued by this information? Keep scrolling down to enjoy the world of manhwa. If you’re a total beginner, here are your top 5 must-read manhwas.

1. Solo Leveling

Sung Jin-Woo is our protagonist for this action-based, fantasy story. The world Jin-woo inhabits changed 10 years ago. A ‘Gate’ which connected the real world with the monster world suddenly appeared. Some individuals gained powers because of this and became known as “Hunters.” Additionally, these Hunters became tasked with subjugating these randomly spawning dungeons. However, our protagonist, while considered a Hunter now, is an E-rank Hunter — the lowest rank possible. This is where our story begins.

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2. The Breaker

The Breaker is your typical story where the weak, bullied protagonist meets a super strong, bad-ass mentor and eventually becomes bad-ass himself. While that’s a very brief summary, there are even more layers to dive into. From the excellent artwork to the colorful cast of characters, The Breaker will have you binge-reading and yearning for more!

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3. Lookism

Daniel is an unattractive loner who wakes up in a different body. Now tall, handsome, and cooler than ever in his new form, Daniel aims to achieve everything he couldn’t before. How far will he go to keep his body… and his secrets?

Daniel’s interactions with the various characters he meets can range from awfully touching to being downright hilarious. Throughout the story, Daniel strives to better himself. His determination and motivation to be a better person are palpable and resonate so well — making this manhwa a total joy to read.

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4. Orange Marmalade

Orange Marmalade is a manhwa where humans and vampires live together but are at odds with one another. Once a romance between a vampire girl and a boy who is not so fond of vampires begins, the story starts getting real interesting. This is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings if romance is your cup of tea.

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5. Tower of God

Politics. World-Building. Action. Fantasy. Tower of God has it all. Considered by many to be the “One Piece of Manhwas.” these remarks are not far-fetched at all. You will be transported to a world and storyline like no other. Honestly, this is a comic that’s best to jump into with no knowledge going in. Enjoy…

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