Top 5 Most Popular Chinese New Year Candies

Chinese New Year is coming up, which means it’s time to stock up on your favorite Chinese New Year candies! Many Chinese New Year candies have special meanings and symbols. Putting the candies together in one bowl actually symbolizes bringing luck and fortune together for the new year. We’ve listed the top 5 most popular Chinese New Year candies you might see in a common candy box.

1. Peanut/ Sesame Seed Brittle

Chinese peanut brittle is one of the most common Chinese New Year snacks. Peanuts symbolize longevity, and sesame seeds symbolize fertility. These crunchy snacks are lightly sweetened with a syrup glaze that satisfy any peanut cravings. Learn how you can make your own Chinese peanut brittle here.

2. White Rabbit Candy

White rabbit candy is one of the most nostalgic Chinese candies that brings us back to our childhoods. If you haven’t grown up with white rabbit candy, these are creamy, taffy-like candies. Flavored like sweetened condensed milk, they are similar in shape to a Tootsie roll. They also have an edible, translucent sheet of rice paper that makes this popular among children. If you can’t get some at your local Asian grocery store, order some here!

3. Lucky Candy

Lucky Candies are probably the most quintessential Chinese New Year Candies. Just as their name implies, they symbolize luck and good fortune. They are strawberry-flavored, hard candies that melt in your mouth and become chewy towards the end. Look out for the symbol of the man in a chef hat on the side of the red wrapper to make sure you have the right candy. Order some now here.

4. Coconut Shreds

In Chinese culture, coconuts may symbolize strong family ties. You will most commonly see these in a Chinese candy box. These coconut shreds are chewy and sweet, and are easy to eat for any coconut lover.

5. Candied Lotus Seeds

Another common Chinese candy you might find in a Chinese New Year candy box are candied lotus seeds. These are dried lotus seeds sweetened with sugar. Lotus symbolizes a prosperous year. If you want to learn how to make your own candied lotus seeds, see this recipe here!


If you enjoyed this article and want to get hyped for Chinese New Year, check out “7 Fun Facts About Chinese New Year.” Also, leave us a comment below on your favorite Chinese New Year candy!

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