Top 5 Items You Must Buy When Shopping at H-Mart

H-Mart: The Go-To Korean Supermarket. These days, it feels like new H-Mart stores are showing up out of nowhere. And with each new store, customers get to explore the wide selection of Korean and Asian imports H-Mart has to offer. If you’ve never been to H-Mart or if you a frequent shopper there, here are the top 5 items you must buy when shopping at H-Mart!

1. Honey Flavored Twist Snack

This crunchy and delectable snack is definitely a must-buy! It’s addicting, honey-infused flavor will make you an instant fan of this product.

Check out the price and some reviews here!

2. Instant Boba Pack

Been a while since you’ve gone out to drink some Boba? Luckily, H-Mart can help you fill that void! This instant boba pack is simple to follow and a delight to drink. Be sure to keep an eye out for this the next time you go to H-Mart!

See how the process works right here!

3. Korean Pancake


Daifuku’s “Korean Pancake” can be found in any frozen section at H-Mart. The taro edition is honesty so, so good. However, if that’s not your cup of tea, there are plenty of more flavors to choose from. For instance, there is a scallion version, a sweet red bean version, and even a brown sugar version!

Take a look here!

4. Melona Mochi Ice Cream

They’re fun to chew and tasty to eat. Melona’s Mochi Ice Cream is another awesome item worth paying for at your local H-Mart frozen aisle. And if strawberry doesn’t suit you, there are a bunch of flavors that Melona has to offer. In particular, the honeydew flavor is my personal favorite!

Here’s a neat video of some influencers trying the mochi ice cream for the first time!

5. Garlic Crunch Oil

If you want to give your Asian cuisine a boost of Umami, then head to your nearest H-Mart and give this crunchy garlic with chili oil a try! Like the label shows, it goes great with sushi and is all-around a nice item to own for your kitchen. Not saying it’ll drastically change your life, but it certainly has become a must-have topping each time I make ramen at home.

See this review of it here!

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