Top 5 Christmas Gifts For an Asian Mom

Finding the right Christmas gift for your Asian mom can be difficult. If you’re having trouble deciding what to get for her this holiday season, look no further! Here are 5 gifts she will definitely appreciate!

1. A Home Cooked Meal

Asian moms are some of the best chefs out there. Nothing quite gives you that sweet reminder of home besides your mom’s cooking. This holiday season, try taking one of her dishes and recreating it yourself. She’ll definitely appreciate the effort. Or check out some of these other recipe ideas!

2. A Nice Long Massage

Sure, you could get your mom a generic electronic massager. But, if you truly want to impress her, consider giving her a nice massage yourself! Or for the mother-daughter duos out there, take her out for a relaxing girls night out (some ideas here)!

3. Standing Mixer

If your mom loves cooking and baking as much as ours do, consider investing in a standing mixer! KitchenAid has high reviews and can be found at most retail stores like Target and Costco. Check it out here.

4. Personalized or Hand-Made Gifts

If you’re on the crafty side, consider gifting your mom a hand-made gift with custom embroidery, sewing, or painting. Other handmade gifts can be found on Etsy too, which has tons of cool Christmas gift ideas. Check out some gifts here!

5. Plan A Vacation

Consider taking your mom out for a vacation – of course, after our current pandemic situation gets better! A nice getaway or visit to her hometown will definitely get her excited. If you need other ideas on where to bring her, check out this traveling-with-mom friendly list of destinations!

Need fun ways to spend this holiday season with your family? Checkout our guide here!


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