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Top 10 Songs to Sing at Karaoke (KTV) – Taiwan Version

If you ever spent vacations in Taiwan visiting the motherland, there’s a 99.9% chance you went to karaoke (aka KTV 😎 )

The anxiety inducing combo of being shy on front of Āyí’s or ShÅ«shu’s you haven’t seen in years + broken Chinglish wasn’t fun. Karaoke only ramped that anxiety up to the next level. When it was your turn to pick up the mic, hopefully the beer your uncle secretly let you drink when your mom wasn’t looking already kicked in.


Here were the best songs we remember Karaoking with our cousins, Āyí’s, and shÅ«shu’s 🙂

1. Tong Hua – Guang Liang (光良 – 童話)

Tong Hua was the anthem. Still is the anthem. And will always be the anthem! Pinyin version above for all the ABCs who want to karaoke at home 🙂

2. Simple Love – Jay Chou (簡單愛-周杰倫)

Half the night was probably spent singing Jay Chou. If you only knew pinyin, good luck keeping up / not mumbling your way through them 😅 . Simple Love (簡單愛) was our favorite but other notable mentions are Back to the Past (回到過去), Hair Like Snow (髮如雪), Nocturne (夜曲), and many more!

3. The Moon Represents My Heart – Teresa Teng (月亮代表我的心-邓丽君)

This was your grandma’s jam, your grandpa’s jam, your mom’s jam, your uncle’s jam, your aunt’s jam – pretty much everyone’s jam. Don’t forget to wave a lighter around for this one.

4. Wo Ai Tai Me – Mc Hotdog (我愛台妹 – 熱狗)

When the grown ups weren’t around, you probably got HYPED off this one with the guy cousins. It also helped that you only needed to know “我愛台妹 台妹愛我” to really get through it!

5. You Exist In My Song – Wanting (我的歌声里 – 曲婉婷)

Just went through a tough break up? *sniff* hopefully your cousins brought tissues for you as you sang your heart out.

6. Thousand Miles Away – Fei Yu-Ching (千里之外-費玉清)

Another Taiwanese family classic. Put on the Jay Chou version to give yourself the opportunity to sing it twice that night.

7. Super Star – S.H.E

Sing it into existence. You’re a karaoke Super Star 😂

8. Those Bygone Years – Xia Hu (那些年-胡夏)

I don’t know if I liked watching the movie more or belting this one out in a room full of people.

9. Heartbeat – Wang Leehom (心跳-王力宏)

A Wang Leehom classic. #dropthemic.

10. The Distance of Love – Eric Chou (以後別做朋友 -周興哲)

Don’t forget to practice those high notes in the shower before you sing on front of the family – good luck!

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