Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Boba Milk Tea Lovers – 2020

With COVID-19 ruining our holiday season, there’s one thing we can always count on to make things a little better, boba milk tea. So from a boba addict myself, I scoured the internet to find the 10 BEST gifts for any boba lover in your life! And they’re all under $40!

1. Boba Corgi Face Mask – $12

Spice up your COVID-19 look with these handmade washable face masks that have two of my favorite things in the world, corgis and boba.

Buy it here.

2. Boba Plush – $37

Since we’re all staying at home during these *unprecedented* times, what better way to spend it than cuddling with a boba plush?

Buy this here.

3. Boba License Plate Frame – $13

Let’s be real, a true boba lover needs this on their car. I know I’d rather be drinking boba than being stuck in traffic (chances are I’m on my way to a boba shop :P).

Buy this here.

4. Boba Bath Mat – $35

I’ve always dreamt of having a cup of boba ready waiting for me as I get out of the shower. But since that’s not possible, this is the next best thing. AND IT’S CUTE!

Buy this here.

5. Boba Milk Tea Scent (3 pack) – $10

Pair this subtle boba fragrance with your boba license plate frame and you now have the perfect car setup.

Buy this here.

6. Boba Sweatshirt – $32

Winters coming so prep yourself for the sweater weather with this cute boba sweater!

Buy this here.

7. Boba Embroidered Dad Hat – $16

Who needs a designer hat when you can keep it real with this embroidered boba dad hat that shows off your style and taste!

Buy this here.

8. Boba Friendship Bracelet (Pair) – $7

Do you have a BFF that you get boba with on the daily? Well here’s the perfect way to symbolize your boba addiction filled friendship with this bracelet!

Buy this here.

9. Boba Plush Slippers – $22

Keep your feet cozy this winter with this pair of cute plushy boba slippers.

Note: At the time of this posting, this item is on preorder.

Buy this here.

10. Boba Tea Set – $30

Every boba lover needs to know the difficulty of the craft to truly appreciate the beauty of boba. Teach them with this all inclusive boba tea set that provides you everything you need to make a great cup of homemade boba!

Buy this here.

Let us know what you think about these gifts and checkout our list of things to do with your family this holiday season here!

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