The Top 10 Ways Your Parents Cheaped Out

For Asian Parents being cheap (or as they call it being frugal) wasn’t just a choice – it was a lifestyle.

Here were the Top 10 Ways your Parents Cheaped Out


1. Hotel Toiletries. Why waste $4 at the store paying for a bottle of shampoo when you can collect so many different shampoo bottles for free! When the maid’s cart was left unattended, it was prime time to stock up. Brownie points for the parents who called these “souvenirs”.


2. Hand Me Downs. If you had an older sibling or cousin, you can count on inheriting their entire wardrobe. Even if the sizes were too big, you were just told that you’d eventually grow into them.

cold3. Heater [OFF]. It could be -15 degrees in the house, but, for your parents, there’s nothing that an extra jacket or blanket can’t fix. Body warmth is free. Electricity isn’t.


4. Samples for Days! To your parents, if the $1.50 hotdogs at Costco weren’t already a great enough deal. Head into the store for some free appetizers.. I mean samples.

torn napkin

5. Torn Napkin or Paper Towel. *insert ripping sound * Each napkin was properly rationed before you used it at dinner. It was mission critical that the family’s cherished napkin supply lasted longer.

water cup

6. No Soft Drinks at Restaurants. “We have Sprite at home”. I’m sure you’ve heard that one a lot more than you wish you did. 


7. Generic Store Brands. Maybe, just maybe.. you were able to get the actual cereal you wanted. Saving $0.45 is a big deal, literally.


8. Taking Buffet Food ToGo. This was the only time you were encouraged to “steal”. If you were good, you’d have lunch for tomorrow. If you were REALLY good, you’d have dinner too.ross

8. Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Maxx. Never. Pay. Full. Price. 50%+ off regular retail price or bust. Just hope no one asks where you got that shirt from.


10. Reused Gift/Christmas Wrapping. It took 5x as long to open gifts since your mom wanted you to save the wrapping paper. Yup, you’ll probably see that wrapping paper again next year.

Even though it was embarrassing, there were probably good intentions behind our Asian Parents’ cheapness (or so we think…). Let’s all take a minute to thank them for stealing those small shampoo bottles from hotel maids’ carts. That saved money may have helped pay your tuition!

Comment below on other ways your parents cheaped out!


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