The Best Ways to Satisfy Your Filipino Food Cravings

Filipino food is comfort food. For instance, it makes people happier every time they finish eating, and it always seems to leave people craving for more in the future. Unfortunately, not every place in the world offers convenient or readily available Filipino food. However, by following some of these recipes and doing a little ingredient shopping, any Filipino food cravings you might be dealing with, will be settled in no time! Here are The Best Ways to Satisfy Your Filipino Food Cravings!

1. Chicken Adobo

It’s great for leftovers, simple to make, and most importantly, delicious to eat. Indeed, that’s Chicken Adobo for you! Chicken Adobo is a terrific Filipino dish that only requires some basic ingredients. If made correctly, its heavenly smell can be recognized by any Filipino from a mile away. Not even exaggerating.

Check out this recipe here

2. Lumpia

Whether you need some great food to bring for family gatherings or you’re looking to fuel your inner Filipino cravings, lumpia is a superb option! Lumpia is essentially the Philippines’ take on egg rolls. However, if you’re not careful, these scrumptious, bit-sized treats will be gobbled up instantly.

You can find a great lumpia recipe here!

3. Pancit

In Tagalog, pancit stands for noodles. Additionally, pancit is most commonly used with very thin rice noodles called bihon. Pancit is basically synonymous with Filipino culture. Without a doubt though, the best aspect of pancit is that you can get as creative as you want!

However, if you’re just looking to get started, here’s a simple recipe for you to follow!

4. Lechon

At Filipino parties, you can most likely expect some combination of 70s music, line dancing, and lechon! Lechon is a slowly-roasted pig dish originally stemming from Spain. Additionally, it’s popular for being flavorful and crispy being a staple at many Filipino functions. If you’ve got the time for it, cooking lechon is definitely worth it!

Give this recipe a shot over here!

5. Cassava Cake 

Finally, saving the best for last.. dessert! Cassava cake is a baked good composed of sweet, chewy, coconut goodness! Unquestionably, one of the best desserts out there.

Try out this recipe here!

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