Sweet Home: An Honest Review

From romantic comedies, crime shows, and heavy dramas, Netflix has been offering an assortment of Asian Dramas for viewers to dive in to. However, Sweet Home is definitely a top lister among the variety of shows Netflix has to offer. Here’s a short take on the good and the bad of this Netflix original.


Based on a popular webtoon, Sweet Home focuses on a young teenage boy, Cha Hyun Soo (played by Song Kang) whose family dies after a tragic car accident. After his family’s death, Hyun Soo moves to a new apartment complex. With his parents gone and no will to live, he plans a day for his death. However, his plans to end his life are interrupted when he realizes that his neighbors are turning into flesh-eating monsters. 

The Perfect Mix of Drama and Action

Throughout the show, Hyun Soo encounters characters of different ages, personalities, and backgrounds which create a dynamic group of people for viewers to either loathe or love. Every character appears to have an internal struggle which they must face in order to survive. Despite the action-packed scenes, the development of each character gives the show a sentimental twist. 

Captivating Acting

While the plot plays a big part in a show’s success, the acting really tied everything together. The star-studded cast delivered an unforgettable performance. The development and detail of each character were carefully portrayed by this phenomenal cast. From interviews of the cast, it’s noticeable how different the members are from their respective roles, which proves their talent to portray an intense storyline and dynamic set of characters.


With only 10 episodes, there were many questions left unanswered. Episode 10 kept viewers skeptical of a possible Season 2 and had everyone asking for more. While Netflix hasn’t confirmed a release for Season 2, many are hopeful that the cast will return. However, for now, the current ending didn’t exactly satisfy the viewer’s need for proper closure. Many aspects of the plot weren’t developed enough for the ending to be fair. 

While the drama isn’t exactly perfect, it’s fair to say that in its entirety, it was definitely worth the watch.

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