Stray Kids: The Next Rising 4th Generation K-Pop Group

Now that K-Pop is on the rise, many new fans are drawn to join the fandom every year! Flashy music videos, fun choreography, and power-filled performances define the current K-Pop Scene. Among the many talented acts, K-Pop group Stray Kids have marked their spot as one of the most promising and iconic groups today. Currently, Stray Kids have 11.1 Million followers on Instagram, 3 music videos with over 100 Million views on Youtube, 8 mostly self-produced EPs, and a strongly growing international fanbase.

Stray Kids Members Left to Right: Lee know, Jisung, I.N., Felix, Bang Chan, Hyunjin, Seungmin, Changbin

1. Self Producing

Stray Kids’ music offers a unique sound that reflects inspiration from Electronic Dance Music, Pop, and Hip-Hop. However, what differentiates this 8 member group from other K-Pop talents is their producing subunit. The subunit is known as 3RACHA and works on composing lyrics and crafting Stray Kid’s distinguishable sound.

3RACHA Subunit Members Left to Right: Jisung, Changbin, Bang Chan

2. Relatable, Inspiring, and Positive Lyrics

Because Stray Kids self produces, many of their tracks focus on self-improvement and breaking societal norms. Their music and content express a creative storyline that has their fans awaiting the next chapter. For example, their recent title track: Back Door serves as an invitation for viewers to join them. The unique lyrics and sound of Back Door earned Stray Kids a spot under Time Magazines’ “Best Songs of 2020.”

3. Personal Connection with Fans

Stray Kids offer a multitude of fan services that connect them to their fanbase known as STAYS. For instance, certain members hold weekly V-Lives to engage with fans. Additionally, members post vlogs on youtube under their series known as SKZ VLOG giving fans a look into their daily activities.

4. Self-Expression and Individuality

Aside from their group projects, Stray Kids emphasize the importance of individuality and self-expression. So, individual members release personally crafted tracks under a series called SKZ-PLAYER.

With powerful performances, relatable music, and a strong connection to their audience, Stray Kids exceed the expectations in the K-Pop industry. Their artistry and unique sound are the main reasons for their large support from around the world.

If you aren’t already a STAY, are you ready to come in?

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