Las Vegas, Again?!

Christmas. Thanksgiving. Summer Break. 3-Day Weekends. You name it. Vegas was the go-to family vacation.

If you grew up on the West Coast, your parents probably brought you to Vegas more than you would like to admit. These bring back good memories?

Parents wanted to bring you to see a Vegas show? Well… the best things in life are free and so were these shows. Don’t forget to act excited for the camera after seeing them for the 5th time.

AYCE Buffets. Show up for breakfast and then stay for lunch and dinner. French fries.. don’t even think about it. Towers of crab legs are the way to do it.

If you know, you know. Don’t get caught looking.

The Outlets. Time to load up on your winter, summer, fall, and spring clothes. The one day of the year your parents will *maybe* approve of your shopping.

Room Service? Your mom never believed in it and never will.

6-8 Hour Drive Back Home. Nothing beats that Sunday morning traffic rush! Better hope you don’t have to use the restroom before you reach Barstow

Do you have any other fond memories you have of your family’s Vegas trips? Comment below!

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