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6 Things Japan McDonald’s Has That You Wish America Had

McDonald’s in America has quite the reputation. It’s fast, cheap, and tasty – what more could you ask? But McDonald’s has also taken its reputation internationally as well. McDonald’s can be found in other countries such as Canada, Australia, and Japan, to name a few. When McDonald’s first opened in Tokyo, Japan, it quickly became very popular. However, we’ve noticed some interesting differences between Japanese McDonald’s vs American McDonald’s. Here are some of the differences we found.


1. The Cup Sizes

Eating McDonald's in Japan: A Comparison to American McDonalds - Delishably - Food and Drink

Now the standard cup sizes in America are on the left while the standard cup sizes in Japan are on the right. The USA “kiddie” is even larger than the Japan “small.” Perhaps this image is trying to tell us something…


2. Cool Flavors Only Found In Japan

McDonald's Flavors of Japan Menu Includes The Ebi Burger and Teriyaki Samurai Burger - The Fast Food Post

Japan McDonald’s has some super interesting flavors such as the Fuji Apple McFreezes and Teriyaki Samurai Burger. If you ever get a chance to go to Japan, definitely put trying one of these at a Japanese McDonald’s on your bucket list!


3. Rice Burgers!

Japan-Only! McDonald's Rice Burgers | MATCHA - JAPAN TRAVEL WEB MAGAZINE

The Japanese McDonald’s also has unique creations such as Rice Burgers! This Rice Burger “offers a new taste by changing the bun into a specially made rice bun while keeping the ingredients and seasoning of the classic burger,” according to McDonald’s Japan.


4. Chocolate Drizzled Fries

Ready or Not, McDonald's Chocolate-Drizzled Fries Are Coming to Japan - Eater

If you loved dipping your fries in ice cream as a little kid, this might be for you. This is something I personally need to try.


5. Kawaii Packaging

i'm in love with the japanese McDonalds ;-; on We Heart It

McDonalds Japan Goes Kawaii | Japanese food packaging, Kawaii food, Japan

“Kawaii” means cute in Japanese. With these kawaii decorations on the packaging, it’ll be impossible to drive your kid away. I would definitely eat many Happy Meals if they all looked like this.


6. Sankaku Pie

McDonald's Japan to Release Pink Triangular Strawberry and Chocolate Pie | MOSHI MOSHI NIPPON | もしもしにっぽん

Instead of apple pies, Japan has created their own triangular versions of these pastries. These unique desserts are called Sankaku Choco Pies, and they can come in flavors such as dark chocolate, strawberry, Oreo, and caramel.




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