How You Can Support the Asian American Community

Sorrow, fear, and anger currently encapsulate the Asian American community. For far too long, generations of Asian Americans have been dealing with internalized racism and bigotry in this country. Over the past year, however, racist attacks towards Asians have rapidly intensified. In New York City alone, hate crimes towards Asians have increased by 1900%.

Now more than ever, Asian voices need to be empowered and amplified. To avoid another Atlanta hate crime and to start making real progress, support must come from all directions. Listed below are ways you can support the Asian American community.

Stand Up Where You Can


Use your social media platform to raise more awareness. Call out those around you that partake in racist comments. Don’t be a bystander if you see Asians being targeted. If you can help those around you during these times, do so. Being proactive can positively impact so many lives.

Support Small Asian businesses

Compiled by @F3mboy_Kur0mi on Twitter, this comprehensive thread highlights a wide assortment of small Asian business you can support with your wallet:

Donate to Asian causes

Compiled by NYMag, here is an exhaustive list of organizations where you can donate and show support. Some organizations offer education services while other organizations on this list focus on aiding businesses impacted by COVID-19.

Donate to the victims of recent Asian American attacks

On Market Street in San Francisco, California, an elderly Asian women was brutally attacked. She was able to fend off her attacker, but unfortunately, she also sustained terrible injuries.

To support her, click this GoFundMe link here.

HyunJungKim was the son of one of the victim’s that tragically passed away in Atlanta. To support his family and help pay for any funeral expenses, you can donate here.

Support Asian American women (Resources below)

NOTE: Organizations originally compiled by @AngelinaChapin

Educate Yourself on America’s History of Anti-Asian Sentiments

Through books, social media, or through Asian scholars, it would be advisable to learn more about America’s racist history with Asians. Doing so can offer a better perspective on how things came to be such as the Asian Model Minority myth. Below is an insightful analysis on the awful yet relevant murder of Vincent Chin.

For more articles like this, be sure to check out “Jeremy Lin Releases Chilling PSA Addressing Asian Hate Crimes.

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