Top 5 Funny Asian Memes of the Week: February 3

Congrats, it’s Wednesday! You made it halfway through the week so you probably just need a midweek pick-me-up. We got you. Hopefully, these memes add a smile to your face and helps you get through the next couple days before the weekend!

#1) Asian Parents and their curfews..

Yeah, maybe just don’t show up home later than you promised. Expect 492374309842342 missed phone calls and texts too.

#2) That K-Drama Inspired Haircut

Your friends warned you not to do it, but you did it anyways. Ask yourself in 10 years if you’re still proud of that yearbook picture 😉

#3) Weekends are for Bai Ren

Saturday = Chinese School. Sunday = Practicing piano and catching up on weekend Kumon homework. *Brings back PTSD*

#4) Every Kumon Waiting Room Be Like…

No words needed.

#5) Jollibee Got us in the Feels

Can’t live without you, Jolibee. (Watch the YouTube link, trust us. Thank us later.)

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