Funniest Pickup Lines Only Asians Can Understand

Are curves out and angles are in? No, they just meant angels. As for the potato line I don’t understand it. Who doesn’t love potatoes? Fries, chips, mashed potatoes yumm… Sorry got distracted. Let’s just say I can’t wait until I find my special potato.

Author’s Rating: C-

A math pickup line? What can go wrong? Chances are if they’re asian they’ll understand it, but what happens when they understand too much? This happens. Next time he should probably just stick to asking her if she likes potatoes.

Author’s Rating: B

Durian DMs. Let’s be real, the chances that she likes durian are slim to none. But if she does, you’re 100% in so I give this a pass. Go big or go home, right?

Author’s Rating: B-

Tying to find the boba to your milk tea? You can never go wrong with using boba as a starter. I mean, who doesn’t love drinking unhealthy amounts of boba daily? I for one do. Brown sugar milk tea 70% sugar 50% ice with boba, please.

Author’s Rating: A

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