Easy and Delicious Food To Help With Lockdown

With the second wave of coronavirus putting many areas on lockdown again, access to good tasting food has become limited.. that is if you don’t know how to make it yourself. In this article we introduce some of our favorite food recipes that you and your family can surely enjoy during lockdown.

Egg Drop Soup

egg drop soup

This food is a staple at many Chinese restaurants, and honestly, it’s so freaking good for how easy it is to make. In just 15 minutes, you’ll have in front of you a whole pot of hot soup that’s especially satisfying in the winter time. This recipe will easily cover you for a whole week and the ingredients used here are also easily obtainable at any supermarket or even through Amazon Fresh.

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Curry Fishballs

curry fish balls

This one used to be my go-to food item for potlucks simply because people love it, and I don’t think they realize how easy it is to make either. The only thing that might be difficult if there’s no Asian supermarket near you is getting access to fishballs. Once you have that, all you really need is curry (can use either the curry blocks or powder) and just season to taste. Pair this with some beer and you got yourself the perfect midnight snack!

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 Kimchi Fried Rice

kimchi fried rice

If you’re looking for an actual meal, look no further than kimchi fried rice. This might require a little work but the result is so worth it. If you’ve never had kimchi, it’s simply just fermented cabbage and will honestly supplement any meal easily. You don’t even need to make fried rice here if you don’t want to. Chop up some spam and fry an egg over white rice with some kimchi on the side and you have a grade A meal in my books!

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Instant Noodles

shin ramyun

Sometimes you just got to keep it simple and you can’t go wrong with instant ramen. But with so many out there, which one should you get? Here’s a list of some of our favorite ones.

Shin Ramyun

Mi Go Reng

Myojo Chukazanmai


Samyang Extra Spicy


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