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Don’t Do These Things on Chinese New Year’s – 10 CNY Superstitions You Need To Know

With Chinese New Year coming up, we want to make sure you start off the year with a good start! There are many Chinese superstitions that warn us of things we should not do during Chinese New Year in order to avoid bringing any bad luck into the year. Thus, we’ve compiled a list of 10 Chinese New Year superstitions you need to know so you can start the new year with good luck only! Here are 10 things you should NOT during Chinese New Year’s!

1. Don’t wash your hair

It will wash away your good luck.

2. Don’t sweep your floor

It will sweep away your wealth and fortune.

3. Don’t use knives

Knives and scissors can cut away your wealth.

4. Don’t cut your hair

It will cut away your good luck.

5. Don’t dump your trash

The act of taking out the garbage is associated with dumping your good luck and wealth from the house.

6. Don’t vacuum

Similar to taking out the garbage and sweeping, it will get rid of all your good luck.

7. Don’t cut your nails

It will cut away your good luck.

8. Don’t go into other people’s homes

You might bring bad luck into another home that’s not your family. Family time only!

9. Don’t hang things using a nail and hammer

Anything involving nails or needlework will deplete your wealth.

10. Don’t break things

Breaking dishes brings bad luck.




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