Did You Have One of These in Your Garage? (90’s & 00’s edition)

Chances are, if you’re Asian and grew up in the 90’s & early 00’s, your parents had one of these cars in the garage.

Toyota Sienna: The family vacation MVP. It fit your parents, grandparents, siblings, and you. Separately, if your parents worked and you got sent to afterschool, you already know. There’s a 99.9% chance you got picked up in one of these.

Toyota Previa: The OG Rolly Polly. The Sienna before the Sienna. This was a classic. If you got this as your first car, those swivel seats definitely may have come in handy for some fun extracurricular activities with your friends. *cough cough*

Lexus LS (or some type of Lexus sedan): There’s no feeling quite like the one when you sit on a nice, burning leather seat. Or there’s also that feeling when you spill Sprite in the back seat and can’t gather up the courage to tell your mom. RIP.

Toyota Camry: Great gas mileage? Cheap insurance? Safe for a 16 year old driver? Say. No. More.

Mercedes E-Class (or some Benz sedan): The “nice car” you drove to your Aunt and Uncle’s house. #flexin

Share your best memories in one of these cars. Or are there any cars that missed our list? Comment below!

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