Fun Ways To Spend Time With Your Asian Family Over The Holidays!

It’s the holiday season again, and despite covid coming back strong in this second round, I guarantee many of you guys are still going ahead with your plans with your extended family anyways. But with limitations on both traveling and dining, what exactly are you guys going to do together? Well instead of making initial small talk and then going right back on to your phones, here are some great activities for you and your family to enjoy together!

Top Pick


If you think I’m talking about a tile matching game, you can get out because this article probably isn’t for you. This game can be so fun yet so frustrating as it always feels like you’re so close to winning. There’s a variety of ways to play that can make it either more challenging or more beginner friendly depending on who you’re playing with. You can even spice it up by putting some money at stake, but just know if you’re playing with your grandparents, you’ll probably be going home with empty pockets.

On a Budget


Ping pong is a relatively simple sport that can definitely be enjoyed by all ages. Not only is it fun, it’s really cheap to get started. As you can see, any dining table will work as a table and for the net, simply stacking some cards or thin objects in the middle will do perfectly fine. With just twenty bucks you can get started with 4 paddles and some balls to get some doubles games going. If you lost to your grandparents in mahjong, here’s where you can get your money back.. hopefully.

Big 2

Another one that’s budget friendly, the class game of big 2 will never get old. It’s foundation is similar to poker where you have hands like straights and full house with the only caveat being that 2’s have the highest value and 3’s are the lowest. The goal of the game is to be the first to empty their hand. For those who’ve played before, let’s get this straight, the correct order from highest to lowest: spades, hearts, clubs, diamonds. If you’re playing it differently, you’re playing it wrong.

For Gen X


What? That’s right, Tik-Tok is a great way to spend time with your family! The only thing better than seeing famous people doing trending dances is seeing your grandparents do it. Teaching them how to do tik tok dances is a great way to get some good laughs during your family time, while also surely increasing your view count.

For the Fifth-Gen Asians

Jackbox Party

jack box party 7

So.. do you guys just talk to your parents and your grandparents in English? That’s a world I won’t understand, but if that’s the case it seems any trending group games would be a stellar time for your family. Jackbox party is a great one that can even allow up to ten players for some of its games. There’s 7 of these now but honestly I think Jackbox party 3 and 4 are probably the best ones. Quiplash and Fibbage never get old.

Hope you guys have a great holiday season and if you’re looking for holiday gift ideas we got some great ones covered here!


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