Chowbus, A Delivery App Specializing In Asian Restaurants, Launches In Over 25 Major Cities

With food delivery services exploding amid the COVID-19 lockdowns, major food chains were able to quickly adapt, but small mom-and-pop restaurants struggled – particularly Asian restaurants.

Chowbus, a new delivery app that focuses exclusively on Asian restaurants and grocery stores, has officially launched in over 25 major cities across North America. Founded in Chicago by Suyu Zhang and Linxin Wen, the company aims to help diners find authentic Asian mom-and-pop restaurants.

Credit: Chowbus

When Linxin Wen came to the United States from China to study in Chicago, he became frustrated by the lack of authentic Asian foods and high delivery fees on traditional delivery apps. With a hungry stomach and appetite for invention, Wen created a platform that people could trust to order and recommend the best Asian dishes on a restaurant’s menu.

“It’s more difficult for local family-owned Asian restaurants to stand out on most food delivery platforms, but these underserved restaurants make some of the most delicious authentic Asian food out there”

Credit: Chowbus

Chowbus most recently launched in Dallas last week with more than 30 locally-owned restaurants on the app, including Hunan Bistro, Fat Ni BBQ, Yin Tang Spicy Hot Pot, Meet Fresh, and Mifen Prince.

The app, which specializes in regional cuisines from Northern and Southern China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, also allows restaurant “bundling”, or ordering from more than one eatery for delivery at the same time.

Since the coronavirus outbreak, many Asian mom-and-pop restaurants across the United States have lost their businesses with very little to no financial support.

“The best way we can introduce people to the authentic flavors of Asian food and help underserved restaurants is by representing them on our platform and offering up the dishes they are the proudest to serve.”

If you can, please try to support your local family-owned restaurants!

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