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Bling Empire Cast – Making or Breaking Asian Stereotypes

Bling Empire definitely doesn’t reflect the typical Asian American experience. However, a reality TV show focused on successful and wealthy Asians breaks a few boundaries in itself. The media often portrays Asians as quiet, submissive, and studious people. But these personalities definitely highlight a different perspective on Asian Americans today.

Christine Chiu

Despite Christine’s strong personality, she clearly expresses her respect for Asian values and tradition. Christine opened up about her struggles with pleasing her in-laws. In Asian culture maintaining a good relationship with inlaws has always been important. Therefore, Christine felt obligated to have a boy in order to continue their family’s lineage. Setting aside Christine’s traditional views, her outspoken nature, and blunt remarks definitely break the timid shy stereotype the media often places on Asians.

Kevin Kreider

Kevin shared how he was adopted into a white family and expressed his lack of connection to his Asian roots. However, he has shown his interest in learning more about his background and Asian culture. Throughout the show, the audience can see his desire to connect with his new successful Asian friends. Pursuing a career in modeling is already one way to break the common Asian Stereotype. However, his unique and inspiring story brings the media a new perspective on the diversity of Asian American experiences.

Jaime Xie

Jaime Xie dropped out of college to pursue being a full-time influencer. Many Asian Americans are often pressured to go to college and pursue a degree. However, Jaime decided to follow her own path. On the show, she’s carefree and stylish. But she also seems to understand the reality of her choices. In one of the episodes, she talks to Christine and Kane about her career and dropping out of college. While Jaime has a background of an extremely wealthy family, she appears to show a sense of independence and willingness to make a name for herself.

Kane Lim

Although Kane expresses the value of honoring traditions, Kane’s reflection at the end of the season reveals how breaking away from toxic traditions is sometimes necessary to fulfill individual happiness. Kane is fun and friendly but also doesn’t hesitate to say the truth when needed. Most of the time, the media depicts Asians as quiet and submissive but Kane definitely defies this outdated stereotype. With his witty remarks and playful personality, Kane captures the goofy best friend vibe in the best possible way.

Despite Bling Empire breaking several media boundaries, Asian Americans are still looking for the proper media representation. This is only the start of seeing more Asian American experiences and stories being told.

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