A Flashback of the Original Asian YouTubers

These are the original Asian Youtubers who helped pave the way for the current generation of content creators. These trailblazers were able to bring light to our culture in our own voice and made Asian faces more prevalent in pop culture.

In 2020 alone, Youtube had >2B viewers / month and 500 hours of video uploaded every minute. Given all the things these Youtubers have done for Asian content, we’re now able to spend hours on end watching videos on Asian food reviews, relaxing ASMR, makeup tutorials, and just about anything else you can imagine.

A huge thank you to the below individuals for inspiring millions of viewers by simply coming up with an idea, picking up a camera, and recording it.

Wong Fu Productions

Wong Fu Productions was started in 2004 (before Youtube was even a thing) by a group of UCSD college friends. This channel always found a way to capture the hearts and attention of those who came across their channel and made them want to watch and rewatch their videos for hours on end – from fun, creative lip sync videos to beautifully directed shorts on love and heartbreak. There were way too many classics that Wong Fu released but this was definitely one of our favorite originals!

.. and another favorite


JustKiddingFilms started off with Bart and Joe role playing characters we would had never imagined or seen before: their roles included awkward Asian Uncles who liked to go clubbing, unpolitically correct Korean news anchors, and a lot of other hilariously random characters. If you had a rough day, their videos never failed to bring a smile to your face when you just needed a pick me up. The two have since successfully expanded JustKiddingFilms by bringing more content creators on board and dabbled in other areas including food, gaming, and news content and a gym and lifestyle brand.


KevJumba, aka Kev Jumba, gained millions of subscribers by uploading comedies and vlogs that focused on his Asian-American background. His relatable videos consistently provided comedic relief (and even featured his hilarious dad!). Ever since 2013, he has taken a break from Youtube and has involved himself with acting, charity work, and personal growth.


Nigahiga, aka Ryan Higa, hands down is one of the punniest (… you see what I did there?) Youtubers out there. His unique comedy style and content has stood the test of time as he still has a huge following – amassing over 20M subscribers.


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