8 Types of Asian Guys You Meet In College – Do You Agree?

From geeks to party animals to everywhere in between, Asian guys are incredibly versatile. We’ve all met certain kinds of Asian guys, and while to it’s hard name all of them, here are a few that you definitely encountered on your college campus at some point:

The Frat Bro 

Lambda for life. The Asian frat guy watches basketball and listens to Travis Scott or Joji religiously. He’s a business major, and will try to explain the stock market to you at a party unprompted. 

The Gamer

Gaming is not a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. Whether he’s in his dorm playing League of Legends (how did he fit his entire gaming setup in there?) or in the lounge participating in a Smash tournament that will wake up the whole floor, this dude never stops. He’s probably a STEM major and can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 20 seconds. 

The Performer

We’ve all seen that one Asian guy in the quad that’s always just carrying around a guitar. He rocks a Hawaiian shirt and pristine fade in all of his YouTube covers. He’s also in a dance crew, and could probably get down right now and do a headspin if you asked him to.  

The Nicotine Fiend

I’m looking at you, Kevin Nguyen. When he’s not looking for his juul, this dude is at a rave or the gym. He just got the speakers of his Lexus redone, so when he pulls up to the campus parking garage, everyone knows it. 

The Oppa

There are many kinds of international students but every once in a while you will run into this guy. This mysterious student wears a long coat and wire-framed glasses straight out of a K-drama. His girlfriend is probably just as intimidating as him. 

The Expert

Okay, Asians being “good at math” is a tired stereotype at this point, but everyone knows that one guy in their extremely difficult math class that always sits in the front row and is basically an honorary teacher’s assistant. He knows the answer to a question before the Professor’s done asking it. Then he raises his hand and says it as if it’s obvious. He’s also probably participated in at least one Hackathon. 

The Photographer

I don’t know why, but there’s always that one Asian guy in every friend group that has a camera around his neck at all times. The Photographer’s informal uniform is a denim jacket and black skinny jeans. He tells his parents that his artsy instagram blog and semi-famous YouTube channel are just a hobby, but secretly he’s thinking of going pro after graduation.  

The Weeb

A profile on Asian guys wouldn’t be complete without the Weeb. When not his dorm watching anime he can be found getting late night at the dining hall with his squad. The Weeb lives in a hoodie, has an oddly specific Pokemon meme at their disposal for every situation, and spends a good amount of time on Reddit and Discord. 


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