8 Types of Asian Girls You Meet In College – Do You Know Anyone Like This?

There are so many different kinds of Asian girls you meet in college. And while it’s impossible to perfectly fit anyone into a box, certain trends tend to pop up. So grab your friends and find out which type they match best: the sorority sis or the K-pop stan? The scholar or the international model?

The studygrammer

This girl’s perfect handwriting gives you the immediate urge to reorganize your entire desk, and your entire life. She has an Anello backpack with BT21 pins and highlighters in every color visible to the human eye. She probably has a few Studio Ghibli posters up in her room.

The sorority sister

Perhaps she tried flyering you on the quad during rush season, or maybe her Victoria’s Secret Campus Ambassador announcement was on your instagram explore page. The Asian sorority sis is outgoing, loyal to her gals, and might be dating a guy in the Asian frat down the street.

The sister

That’s right, no “sorority”. This is a different kind of sister—the ever gracious Christian Asian girl. She wears earth tones and has a voice so soothing, it was made for ASMR. Her main group of friends are also from church, and when they’re not inviting you to their Worship night (which features free KBBQ, of course), they’re most likely sitting out on the grass with a guitar.

The future CEO

If you don’t know the future CEO Asian girl, you are the future CEO Asian girl. This achiever secured a Google internship before sophomore year even started. She’s in Debate, Student Government, and a business frat, and still manages to maintain a 3.9 GPA. LinkedIn is her favorite social media platform.

The scholar

Tchaikovsky and Mozart fuel her conquests of her incredibly difficult STEM homework assignments. She plays violin and either ran or swam in high school. She’ll absolutely own you in any Jeopardy category relating to books, music, or the opera. She maybe even dabbles in video games—there’s a sort of science to it, after all. Also, her mom is the scariest person you’ve ever met.

The Cali girl

She’s from somewhere by the beach, which explains her Save the Turtles sticker, liberal leanings, and love for Coachella. She listens to The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, Harry Styles, and Lana Del Rey. While she doesn’t consume a lot of Asian media, she does consume a lot of boba.

The international model

Okay, she’s not really a model… But she might as well be. You always see her walking around in her Gucci sneakers, but you’re not sure you’ve ever actually seen her in class. When you think about it for too long, you start wondering if she even goes here or is actually a celebrity doing research for a movie she’s making. Well, she does go here. She’s likely a business, finance, or economics major. And she definitely has a much more interesting life than you.

The K-Pop stan

Last but not least is the K-pop stan. Possibly one of the most influential types of people in recent times, the K-pop stan is likely in the campus dance group. She loves BTS and hip-hop music. There is a wide range of majors she can be, but her true degree is in K-Dramas. She’s probably seen a fair amount of Anime, too.

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