7 Things You Didn’t Know About Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider

There’s a new reality show on Netflix that’s been gathering a lot of attention in the Asian American community. If you haven’t caught up with the hype yet, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. “Bling Empire” is a new reality show portraying the wealthy lives of several Asian American socialites living in Los Angles, California. The show follows them as they go all out with their extravagant parties, glamorous lifestyle, and of course, drama. You can watch  “Bling Empire” now on Netflix.

One of the main cast members from the show is Kevin Kreider, a Korean-American fitness influencer and multi-millionaire. If you’re interested in learning more about this “mama’s boy” from Philadelphia, here are 7 thing you probably didn’t know about Bling Empire’s Kevin Kreider.


1. He has given Ted Talks on Asian masculinity.

Kevin is known to be very passionate about redefining Asian masculinity in America. In 2018, Kevin gave a Ted Talk as a motivational speaker. He recalled his past of being bullied for his skinny figure and Asian heritage. He also shared his current success as a fitness coach and model. Kevin graduated from college with a degree in exercise science, and won many natural bodybuilding competitions. His path to success included many ups and downs, but it made him the man he is today.


2. He is the only cast member who was not born into a wealthy family.

Kevin was adopted by a couple in Philadelphia. Throughout the show, we see that he has a very close relationship with his mother. Although he wasn’t born wealthy, he definitely deserves the success he achieved today to make his family proud.


3. He was the first Asian-American to work at the Abercrombie and Fitch store in NYC.

One of Kevin’s most significant achievements in his modeling career is modeling as a shirtless ambassador for Ambercrombie and Fitch in New York. This 37 year old model has made significant contributions to the stigma surrounding Asian Americans in media and society.


4. He was featured in Men’s Health and Men’s Fitness magazines.

Kicking Asian stereotypes to the side, Kevin helped pave the way for change in Asian representation in Hollywood. While much of the Asian representation in media include Asians as sidekicks, smart nerds, or martial artists, Kevin portrays the more confident and sexy sides through “Bling Empire.”


5. He starred in the documentary “The Ugly Model.”

Released in 2019, “The Ugly Model” focuses on how Kevin dealt with the frustration of racial oppression in the model industry. He has spent his whole career trying to answer the question: “Can Asian men be sexy?” The documentary tracks his life as a Korean-American adoptee, body builder, and lifestyle coach.


6. He suffered from stress-induced hair loss.

At the age of 30, Kevin shared he was suffering from a stress-induced autoimmune disorder. This disorder was alopecia areata, which attacked his hair follicles and caused serious hair loss. This video is from his personal YouTube channel where he opened up about his challenges living in New York City in 2013 and the financial insecurity he faced. However, through practicing meditation regularly, moving away from New York, strength training, and keeping a healthy Paleo diet, Kevin was eventually able to overcome his alopecia areata.


7. The first castmate he ever met was Kelly Mi Li.

Kevin moved to LA to pursue different things. There, he met Kelly Mi Li, another main cast member on “Bling Empire.” Since he was in LA, Kelly reached out to Kevin. After agreeing to meet up, they became good friends and the rest is history.


You can follow Kevin Kreider on Instagram here. He posts many updates about new projects and his life.




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