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7 Mukbang Content Creators You Need to Watch in 2021

The world of mukbangs… where people consume large quantities of food for the entertainment of strangers across the world. And a lot of these people are crazy popular online. Of the many mukbangers out there, Here are 7 Mukbang Content Creators You Need to Watch in 2021!

1. Ben Deen

Currently based in South Korea, BenDeen’s mukbang channel is a great destination for those wanting a chill atmosphere accompanied with some high quality production. Although the channel originally started as a lifestyle one, Ben has fully transitioned as a mukbang YouTuber. Additionally, Ben’s videos often highlights foods exclusive to South Korea.

Check out their channel here.

2. Quang Tran

Next on this list is Quang Tran. Hailing from Canada, most of Tran’s videos contain delicious foods paired with easy-to-follow directions on how to cook them. Tran also boasts some of the most infectious charisma within the scene.

Check out their channel here.

3. Zach Choi

Zach Choi is a great channel for all those ASMR enthusiasts out there. With gargantuan food proportions and zero talking, this channel is the quickest way to make yourself hungry. With over 11 million subscribers and counting, Zach Choi is definitely one of the biggest mukbang channels on YouTube!

Check out their channel here.

4. MommyTang

MommyTang is the go-to mukbang channel for all the vegans out there. Many of MommyTang’s videos usually showcase the process of her cooking food to her eating it up in one continuous shot. Her videos are also very wholesome as she likes to incorporate appearances from her children and friends while often telling relatable stories along the way.

Check out their channel here.


If you are looking for some quintessential mukbang content, then KEEMI is the perfect YouTuber for you. KEEMI’s channel is very simple and casual. Her channel doesn’t utilize the highest quality camera angles or rely on the best sound design. Instead, KEEMI is able to engage her over 900k+ audience with her personality alone.

Check out their channel here.

6. Matt Stonie

While not technically considered a mukbanger, Matt Stonie is one of the most prolific foodie content creators on the platform. Originally rising to fame as a competitive hot dog eater, Stonie has taken his talents to YouTube by engaging in food challenges. These challenges range from devouring enormous portions to consuming insanely spicy foods. He’s garnered over 13 million subscribers for good reason.

Check out their channel here.

7. Dorothy

Language certainly isn’t a barrier especially when it comes to good entertainment. And Korean YouTuber, Dorothy, encapsulates this sentiment perfectly. With over 4 million subscribers, Dorothy produces a combination of mukbang videos such as ASMR content, spicy food challenges, and the usual big portioned meals. If you want a little bit of everything in relation to mukbangs, then Dorothy is a perfect person to subscribe to!

Check out their channel here.

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