7 Asian Hosted Podcasts That Will Make You Laugh, Cry, And Learn

Having trouble finding quality podcasts in your life? No worries! Here are 7 Podcasts You Should Definitely Check Out.

1. Dive Studios

Dive Studios is a platform home to many entertaining podcast shows such as GET REAL and K-Pop Daebak. Many of the podcasts featured on Dive Studios contain personalities and hosts that have worked within the Korean entertainment industry. For example, hosts: BM (KARD), Peniel (BTOB), and Ashley Choi are K-Pop idols who often talk their backgrounds and candid experience for working in their field.  Posted above is a great episode featuring Jackson Wang, a member of the K-Pop group: GOT-7.

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2. TigerBelly

TigerBelly is a weekly podcast featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla. If you’re looking for a podcast to make you laugh hysterically, TigerBelly will do just that.

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3. Fun With Dumb

Fun With Dumb is a weekly podcast hosted by Asian-American battle rapper, Dumbfoundead. The podcast showcases “various musicians, comics, artists, actors, k pop stars, chefs, and people from all walks of life.” Fun With Dumb tends to highlight Asian American figures paving the way within their respective industries.

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4. Asian Boss Girl

Asian Boss Girl is a podcast hosted by Melody Cheng, Helen Wu, & Janet Wang. As they put it, the ABG podcast is for the “modern day Asian American woman.” The hosts share their unique experiences as Asian American women working, dating, and living in Los Angeles, California. Through their show, they have even been able to interview various Asian American figures trending within pop culture such as Jenny Han, the author of To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, and Kevin Kreider from Bling Empire.

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5. Asian Not Asian

“Asian Not Asia” is a weekly comedy podcast hosted by Fumi Abe (Comedy Central) and Michael Nguyen (McSweeney’s). Their pitch: “Two Asian guys not from Asia talking about American issues no American cares about.”

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6. YangSpeaks

While former Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang, is currently running for New York City mayor, he has shown a knack to be a competent podcast host. Through YangSpeaks, Andrew Yang has gotten the opportunity to interview various celebrities, political figures, and activists.

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7. Off The Pill Podcast

Hosted by legendary YouTuber and current Twitch streamer: Ryan Higa, the Off The Pill Podcast featured a wide array of guests from internet personalities, reality TV stars, and so much more. Unfortunately, the podcast has not continued since COVID-19 hit. However, there are plenty of episodes for anyone to binge and enjoy!

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