5 Weird Things You NEED From Daiso

Before a Daiso opened at my local mall, I used to drive an hour to the next town over just to go there and spend ten bucks on a random array of household, kitchen, and art supplies. If you’ve never heard of Daiso, it’s a Japanese store chain that’s basically Dollar Tree but cuter, kookier, and way more Asian. In sum, Daiso’s pretty great—but it’s home to more than a few head-turning products. Here are some you need to try at least once!

1. Banana slicer

Why use a regular kitchen knife when you can use one of these cutting-edge (no pun intended) devices?

2. Dim sum erasers

So maybe you already own way too many fancy, half-used notebooks and gel pens. But what about these dim sum erasers? Seriously, how can anyone resist them? They’re erasers! Shaped like dim sum!

3. Brazilian-Orange Pocky

We’ve all had classic Pocky flavors like chocolate and strawberry. Maybe even other specialty ones like mango. But have you heard of Brazilian-Orange-flavored Pocky? Daiso boasts a whole wall of fun Asian snacks and one of them is this rare, highly-instagrammable treat.

4. Chair socks

Chairs are after that drip too. Give your furniture a makeover with these one-of-a-kind accessories, all while keeping those wood floors immaculate and scratch free. It’s a win-win situation.

5. Dog diapers

Pets are really just furry babies when you think about it. They’re cute, they whine a lot, they need constant attention, and they go to the bathroom whenever they want. These affordable dog diapers just make sense. And they’ll save you a whole lot of trouble.

In conclusion, nothing is more fun than walking around all day buying things you don’t need. Plus, almost everything’s $1.50. You can’t waste that much!

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