5 Things In Your Asian Family’s Fridge That Just Make Sense

Asian people don’t like to waste. That frugality isn’t any more obvious than in it is their fridges. Open the door and several soy sauce packets from the local sushi restaurant will come tumbling out—that’s how full it is. Here’s what else you’ll find:

1. Leftovers. So many leftovers.

Here a ware, there a ware, tupperware EVERYWHERE. Last night’s noodles, some rice that’s hard by now, anchovies, kimchi, and a hundred others. These containers are usually stacked in an arrangement so elaborate, fishing one of them out is like a game of tetris. You get bonus points if your parents used ice cream containers to store leftovers. The disappointment when you realized it was not in fact a tub of rocky road is unmatched.

2. Medicine

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Your grandma has to keep her cough syrup at a very specific temperature to maintain its miraculous properties.

3. Half-eaten fruits

Hey, what’s this little thing wrapped in foil? Oh, it’s half a lemon. What’s this one? An avocado. Oh, we’ve even got a couple apple slices. Probably should’ve finished that other one first before I cut open a new one. Ok, that’s obviously a watermelon. We really ought to finish that soon, I need more room for leftovers…

4. Various sauces

Every Asian owns so much sauce they could use a different one on each day of the year. Hoisin, Mae Ploy sweet and sour, Mang Tomas, Sriracha, Ponzu, chili oil, and don’t forget a bag of sauce packets from all the restaurants you’ve been to. With all that flavor, it’s no wonder nothing compares to Asian food!

5. Every green vegetable ever

There’s something weirdly homey about bok choy in a moist grocery store bag. Your mom told you had to eat your vegetables and she meant it.

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