5 Shows You Forgot WandaVision’s Randall Park Guest Starred In

After serving as a staple on our screens for nearly two decades, Randall Park is finally getting the appreciation he deserves. Whether it’s due to his role as the card-flicking FBI Agent Jimmy Woo on one of the hottest shows right now, WandaVision, or people finally recognizing how awesome he is, the internet has recently been pointing out how many of our favorite shows he’s guest starred in. It’s a lot—finding Randall Park cameos in things has become a whole TikTok trend, with over 140 million views. Here a just a few of those cameos: 


Randall Park on iCarly

Yup, you’ve truly been watching Randall Park for your entire life. He appeared in season one of Nickelodeon’s iCarly, as a teacher Freddie steals a stapler from. 


New Girl 

Randall Park in New Girl

He plays a smartphone sales guy who makes fun of Nick’s credit score in season one of New Girl.  



Randall Park in House

In one of House’s most acclaimed episodes, “Autopsy”, about a nine-year old girl with terminal cancer, Park ironically plays the comedic role of one of House’s patients, who tried to circumcise himself. 



Randall Park in Community

You know you’ve made it when you get to play yourself in a show. Park made a cameo as himself in 2015, when Ken Jeong’s character Chang gets fired from a Steven Spielberg movie and they need a replacement. Fun fact: he made another guest appearance on the show, an off-screen role as one of the voices from a fake sci-fi movie.     


The Interview 

Randall Parl in the Interview

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a TV appearance, but people don’t talk about this enough. Remember when Randall Park played Kim Jong-Un in controversial film The Interview? Sure, it was demoted to a digital release because it made North Korea really angry, and Park thought he might get kidnapped for it, but who gets to say they played a real North Korean dictator in an American comedy film? Not many people. 


Park is also on Young Rock and is set to voice a character in Paw Patrol: The Movie this year. Securing the bag. Mad respect. Anyways, go stream his song “I Punched Keanu Reeves”. Now.  


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