5 Must-Read Action Manhwa Series to Read in 2021

22With almost every form of entertainment out there, the action genre almost always garners the most attention. This even applies to Korean manhwas. Unfortunately, finding a good story from the many comics out there can be a tall order. However, have no fear as we have compiled 5 of the very best action manhwa series to read in 2021!

1. Mercenary Enrollment

After 10 long years of spending his youth as a soulless mercenary, Yu Ijin is finally able to reunite with his family once again. However, Ijin’s life does not exactly return to normalcy. New threats such as school bullies and street criminals start putting our protagonist’s family in danger. Through these events, Ijin showcases how he’s not exactly your typical high schooler.

2. How To Fight

Constantly bullied, Yoo Hobin suddenly becomes a viral sensation over night. After discovering a mysterious NewTube channel centered around fighting tips, Hobin becomes capable of taking down individuals much bigger and stronger than him. How To Fight is a creative story about overcoming adversity in the midst of dire and often funny circumstances.

3. Legend of the Northern Blade

The Legend of the Northern Blade is an action manhwa following Jin Mu-Won. After a betrayal from his sect’s closest allies, Jin starts his climb to seek revenge as well as preparing for a much bigger threat transpiring in his world.

4. The Great Mage Returns After 4000 Years

In this fantasy-adventure setting, Frey Blake, a notoriously weak student has his soul taken over by a once legendary and powerful mage called Lucas Traumen. With a lifetime of experience and powerful abilities at his disposal, Lucas Traumen takes this opportunity as a second chance to settle unfinished business from his past life.

5. The Beginning After the End

A former king reincarnated into a new world filled with magic and monsters. With a second chance at life and the opportunity to correct past mistakes, our protagonist will do his best to protect everything he has worked for in his new life from a bubbling threat slowly arising.

Let us know what you think about these titles down below and be sure to visit our list of Top 5 Must-Read Manhwas For A Total Beginner here!

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