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5 Gift Ideas for Beginner K-Drama Fans in 2021

Each year, it feels likes K-Dramas only grow bigger in popularity. And more viewership means more fans. For those beginner K-Drama fans you may know in your life, give them a gift they can truly appreciate.

1. A Streaming Service Subscription

Today, many streaming services are able to effectively accommodate new and entertaining K-Drama titles. In particular, services like Netflix, Hulu, and Viki are great platforms to watch some ad-free, high-quality K-Dramas.

However, each platform comes with its own pros and cons. In order to see which service will best suit your K-Drama fan’s needs, make sure to conduct some proper research first!

2. A Physical K-Drama OST Album

Otherwise known as an original soundtrack, K-Dramas are often famous for their music alone. Many K-Dramas are accompanied with memorable songs that tug at the heart-strings or potentially bring back the joy you first experienced while watching a show. You can search and buy for famous K-Drama OSTs here!

3. A Korean Snack Package

With this gift, the next time your friend binges a show they can do so while munching on some popular Korean snacks. And everyone likes food, so you can’t wrong with this present! Squaredino offers a great assortment of snacks you can purchase here.

4. A Signature K-Drama Overcoat

Overcoat for K-Drama Friend

Any avid K-Drama fan knows how prevalent overcoats are worn. Unless the show is a period piece, there’s a strong chance you’ll find a character sporting an overcoat multiple times throughout a show. So if you want to shell out the extra cash, you can make any K-Drama fan look just as stylish as every other main lead by searching here!

And for all things related to K-Drama fashion apparel, here’s a helpful IG page.

5. A Skin-care Set

Skin-care for K-Drama Friend

Watching K-Dramas, it’s easy to notice how flawless everyone’s skin looks on the big screen. However, having good skin is dependent on how well you treat it. By purchasing a Korean Skin-Care package, you can give the gift of good skin-care with a variety of amazing products. You can purchase one right here!

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