5 East Asian Netflix Shows Worth Checking Out

Whether it’s a new Stranger Things release or a new hit show like The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix can’t seem to miss with their content lately. While many of the main titles on Netflix deserve the attention their getting, I would like to spotlight some other shows, in particular — East Asian shows — that in my opinion need more eyeballs on them. If you are looking for a new show to watch, then please consider these 5 East Asian Netflix shows worth checking out!

1. Kingdom

If you’re someone that’s craving some good action and horror, then Kingdom is a must-watch. Kingdom is an epic period-piece show out of South Korea that’s a terrific binging experience for anyone looking to be a couch potato. It contains excellent performances, great set pieces, and unexpected twists all-around. Netflix really nailed it with this one!

2. Alice In Borderland

Alice in Borderland is a live-action adaptation of the popular manga and anime series. Luckily, this is a live adaptation that actually respects the source material and delivers on fan expectations. I just finished checking this one out, and all I can is that Season 1 was a rollercoaster of emotions! Season 2 has already been green-lit by Netflix, so be sure to check this out so you can catch up on the hype train!

3. Great Pretender

For any anime lovers out there, Great Pretender is an underrated anime series about a group swindlers pulling off some big heists against some bad people. Recently, Netflix has taken some strides in the anime department and the results have been awesome thus far. If this show had a little bit more attention, then this series would definitely be in more discussions for ‘Anime of the Year’ contention. That’s just how good Great Pretender is…

4. The Untamed

While Chinese dramas on Netflix don’t typically garner as much attention in comparison to its K-Drama catalogue, The Untamed might just change everything. The Untamed is a Chinese drama series originally adapted from a xianxia novel called Mo Dao Zu Shi by Mo Xiang Tong Xiu. And honestly, this is a show that’s best to jump into without too much information beforehand. Without spoiling the plot, The Untamed tackles some deep life lessons and is supported by an excellent cast to boot. So please give it a shot, because if you end up liking it, you’ll be going down a rabbit hole where The Untamed is all you will think about for weeks on end.

5. Terrace House

Rounding out our list is my favorite hidden gem on Netflix… Terrace House. Terrace House is a slice-of-life show where six strangers live together under one roof. The show offers a nice house and nice cars, but everything is unscripted. As a viewer, you get to see various individuals form bonds and traverse through their daily lives. Members can leave the house at any point they want, and new members will come in to take their place. Terrace House currently has four iterations featured on Netflix. My suggestion would be to check out Boys and Girls in the City first (or Boys and Girls Next Door on Netflix Japan if you have a VPN).

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