5 Action/Thriller Based K-Dramas You Should Watch In 2021!

K-Dramas are often associated with being fun, light, and romance based. However, there are many K-Dramas that dive into complex plots and are packed with action-intense scenes. Here are a few K-Dramas with interesting and unique storylines.

1. Save Me

Save me focuses on the life of a young girl named Sang Mi whose family moves away from the city and ends up being forced to marry the leader of a dangerous religious cult. Check out a short teaser for this eerie, intense, and emotional drama here.

2. Extracurricular

Extracurricular highlights the life of a young high school boy who runs an illegal business in order to pay for his education. While running the business, he encounters a series of challenges and unfortunate events. Extracurricular is definitely not your typical high school K-Drama. Get a glimpse of Extracurricular here.

3. Sky Castle

Sky Castle is one of those dramas that will have you at the edge of your seat. By covering themes such as family, wealth, and academic pressures, Sky Castle is among one of the most interesting dramas you need to check out! It’s emotionally intense scenes and line of frustrating characters will have you feeling many different emotions during every episode. Check out the trailer here.

4. Sweet Home

The visuals and plotline of Sweet Home scream thriller. But, the character development and carefully crafted backstories tug at the audience’s hearts. If you happen to enjoy the feeling of heart-racing action with a hint of drama, watch the trailer here.

5. He is Psychometric

Starring Got7’s Jinyoung, “He Is Psychometric” has that light-hearted K-Drama vibe with a twist. Jinyoung’s character has a strange ability to see people’s memories when he comes into contact with them. This drama is the perfect mix of fun and intense. Watch the trailer here.


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