3 “Facts” Your Mom Gets From WeChat

If your parents are on social media platforms like WeChat, Line, WhatsApp or even Facebook, you’ll be no stranger to all the “news” they randomly tell you about. Here’s three of the most common ones that you’ve mostly likely heard of.

“Ice water bad”

Reason You Shouldn't Drink Ice Water When It's So Dang Hot

This may as well be an asian staple that goes right under “no shoes in the house”.

“Electronics causes {insert something bad}”

5 Tips to Safeguard Against Electromagnetic Radiation | Earth 911
  • prevents you from having kids
  • brain cancer
  • lowers your IQ
  • stunts growth

Comment down below what else you’ve heard for this one.

“Eating ________ will give you COVID!”

What Foods To Eat To Avoid Coronavirus | NewsMo - YouTube

WeChat was probably poppin’ off during the height of quarantine with this one. Everything was suspect from salmon to red meats to certain vegetables. I even saw one that put eggs as a risky food item. For our moms digesting these articles, there was nothing safe except ya know, room temperature water.


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