15 Gifts Your Asian Parents Will Actually Appreciate

It’s that time of year again. You think of every possible present for your parents only for them to lecture you about wasting money. We’ve all been there, Asian parents are known to be notoriously hard to get gifts for. But lucky for you, I’ve done the research and ran the tests to come up with the 15 BEST gifts for your mom or dad. As an amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases from the links below and it would really help us out! 

1. Good Grades7 Reasons to Form a Study Group (Plus Tips to Do It The Right Way) -

Ok ok, I know this is obvious, but if you can achieve this then you’re set – no other gift is needed. But for everyone else like me who can’t, I’ve curated 14 other great gifts for your parents to temporarily forget about your shortcomings.

2. Skin Care Products


What do Asian moms worry about more than your grades? Their wrinkles. Give them the gift of youth with anti-aging cream and skin care products to keep them feeling young.

3. Assortment of Snacks

Hong Kong Style Beef Jerky? See’s Candy? White Rabbit? Get all their favorite snacks and wrap it up in a gift basket for the ultimate snack surprise!

4. Massager

Everyone loves a relaxing massage especially at the comfort of your own home. Consider a foot massager, back massager, or even one of those cool new massage guns!

5. Reframed Family Photos

Asian parents absolutely adore nostalgic family photos. Whether it’s a celebratory moment or a fun family outing, family photos will definitely warm their hearts. Surprise your parents with a framed photo or print this year!

6. Cookware


Cooking is a way of life for any Asian family so what better way than to upgrade their cookware! P.S. it’s a win win cause you’ll also get great food out of this gift 😛

7. Plants

Give your parents some plant babies for them to take care of so they can spend less time worrying about you! I suggest an orchid or money tree for starters.

8. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

Is your family vacuum set older than you? It’s probably time to upgrade to a cordless vacuum that’ll make their lives easier and your life cleaner.

9. Custom Phone Case

Get a custom made phone case with the word MOM or DAD spelled out using family photos. My mom is still rocking the case I made her 3 years ago!

10. Puffy Sweaters and Down Jackets

Keep your parents warm and looking stylish with a warm down jacket or puffy sweater!

11. Indoor Slippers

These adorable slippers will keep your parents looking cute and your floors looking clean!

12. Cook Them Dinner

Order The Hub Asian Food Hall Delivery Online | Baltimore-Maryland | Menu & Prices | Uber Eats

Food is the strongest love language in Asian culture so what better way to show them you care than by cooking them their favorite dishes! If you need any recipes, checkout our easy and delicious food guide here!

13. iPad

Technology isn’t their strong suit but iPads are easy to use and great to watch their favorite shows on!

14. Handmade Art

Blooming Sakura Twig - Acrylic painting / Homemade Illustration (4k) - YouTube | Sakura painting, Cherry blossom painting, Cherry blossom painting acrylic

If you’re talented in drawing, painting, or crafts, this is a great way to make something personal for them. A zodiac charm? A flower painting? Find something that has meaning to them and create a gift out of it!

15. Cash

TD Newsroom - Featured News - Culture & Money: What the red envelope taught me about spending

If all else fails, throw some cash in a red envelope, write a short note on it, and call it a day.

Need fun ways to spend this holiday season with your family? Checkout our list here!


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