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15 Asian Food Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Want to make your life easier? Here are 15 Asian food hacks that will change your life today.


1). Eat chips with chopsticks. 

Chopsticks: why every gamer should know how to use them | SoraNews24 -Japan News-

This trick is a classic. Eating chips with chopsticks allows you to keep your fingers clean and tummy happy.


2). Use dried tea leaves as air fresheners.

MonsoonHacks: Reuse tea leaves for beauty and home care - Times of India

Fridges can leave some pungent smells, especially if you have dishes such as kimchi. If you’ve got some leftover used tea leaves, don’t throw them out. Instead, consider drying them and putting them in the fridge to absorb and get rid of the unpleasant odors.


3). Put dried orange peels in soups.

Five Uses For Dried Orange Peel, & How to Make Dried Orange Peel

Dried orange peels can bring out the flavor in soups, as well as add a pleasant aroma overall. Simply adding peels in boiling water can clear one’s mind.


4). Use your index finger to measure the perfect water to rice ratio.

Easy Microwave Rice - TipBuzz

Another classic tip for cooking the perfect rice is placing your index finger upright and touching the top of the rice, then adding water until it reaches the first joint of your finger. Your rice will come out with the perfect texture, not too wet, not too dry. Forget cups, numbers, and fancy gadgets.


5). Use the Chopstick Test.

Use A Wooden Spoon To Know When Oil Is Hot Enough

When deep frying, use the Chopstick Test to tell if the oil is hot enough. Simply stick a chopstick into the wok of oil when deep frying. Once the oil sizzles all around it, this means you can begin adding the food to deep fry.


6). Par-freeze your meat.

How to Grind Meat at Home | Food & Wine

This tip will make slicing meat super easy. Simply freeze your meat for about an hour before cooking. This will allow you to get nice, thin slices and even-sized pieces of meat.


7). The Wok.

How to Use A Wok For Stir Frying & Steaming - Foodal

Before using the wok, heat it up until it begins to smoke. Then add your oil. This will prevent food from sticking to the wok while you’re cooking. The wok can also be used to cook almost anything on the Asian menu.


8). Keep your apples fresh with lemon juice.

How to Keep Cut Apples from Turning Brown {Lunch Hack}

Keep your apples fresh by spraying lemon juice on them. Not only does this prevent your apples from browning, but it will also taste delicious.


9). When drinking soup, lift the bowl up to your mouth.

Asian Man Drinking Soup In Japanese Restaurant Stock Video - Download Video Clip Now - iStock

Lifting the bowl up to your mouth and sipping when drinking soup is proper etiquette in most Asian cultures. It is actually considered disrespectful to not lift the bowl of soup when drinking.


10). Trim your vegetables before you wash.

How to Cook Bok Choy - Jessica Gavin

Washing a full plant and long-stalked vegetable can be hassle. Trimming your vegetables will make the washing much easier, saving both time and water. Get a thorough wash inside-out.


11). Thaw your meat overnight.

You 'can' thaw and refreeze meat: five food safety myths busted

Thaw your meat overnight by putting it in the fridge. The meat will stay fresh and ready to cook in the morning.


12). Use soy sauce to relieve pain from burns.

Soy Sauce Helps Ease the Pain of a Burn | The People's Pharmacy

Not many people know this, but soy sauce can help relieve pain and reduce redness/inflammation in small burns.


13). Invest in a bamboo wok brush. M.V. Trading WKB-10 Wok Cleaning Whisk, 10-Inch: Wok Cleaner: Kitchen & Dining

Consider investing in an eco-friendly bamboo wok brush. These bamboo brushes made of strips of bamboo are super helpful for cleaning woks.


14). Unclump shakers using rice.

Fleurty Girl - Rice in the salt shaker. Who does it make... | Facebook

If you’ve ever seen clumps in salt or pepper shakers and want to prevent these powdery substances from clogging up, we have a hack for you. Simply unscrew the top of you shaker and pour in some uncooked rice. The rice will help break the clumps and allow the particles to get out much easier. This hack can also be seen in Asian restaurants, so this works well.


15). Concentrate your food and use a lid.

Free Photo | Young man cooking fresh food at home and opening lid of steaming pot.Enhance your ingredient’s flavors with concentrated cooking. Use a lid when cooking with your pot or steaming your wok to not only speed things up, but also accentuate the tastes.



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