14 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your ABB Boyfriend In 2021

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to surprise your Asian f*boi boyfriend a gift that will make their day. Not sure what to get him? No worries! Here are 14 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Asian F*boi Boyfriend In 2021!

1. Adidas NMDs

Adidas NMDs

For whatever reason, Adidas NMDs have been the go-to shoe for Asian f*bois. If your boyfriend has never had NMDs or if his current shoes are in need of restoration, consider buying him a brand new pair this Valentine’s Day.

You can buy it here.

2. Jean Jacket

Asian F*boi Signature Jean Jacket

Jean jackets are a must-have for any Asian f*boi’s wardrobe!

You can buy it here.

3. Red Checkered Flannel

Image result for red flannel amazon

Red checkered flannels have become a staple for so many Kevin Nguyens and Daniel Kims out there.

You can buy it here.

4. Punk Earrings

Image result for cross earrings men

Blending edginess and faith together, these earrings are the best of both worlds.

You can buy it here.

5. Ripped Black Jeans

Asian F*boi black jeans

Rounding out the f*boi outfit are these ripped black jeans. These are guaranteed to make any Asian boyfriend a happy guy.

You can buy it here.

6. Rave Tickets

electric zoo tickets

There sure is nothing better than available EDM tickets.

You can buy it here.

7. Supreme Drop

Supreme Drops

There’s a strong chance that your Asian f*boi boyfriend is eyeing on the next Supreme drop. You can surprise him this Valentine’s by purchasing a Supreme item for him ahead of time!

You can buy it here.

8. Anime Figurines

Most, if not all, Asian f*bois are closet weebs. Get him some anime figurines this time around, and he’ll definitely be elated.

You can buy it here.

9. Gold Chain

Asian F*boi gold chain accessory

Gold chains are just an instant confidence booster…

You can buy it here.

10. Hennessy


Theorized to be the favorite alcohol choice next to Soju, Hennessy is the go-to drink for Asian f*bois. Remember to drink responsibly!

You can buy it here.

11. Adidas Hat

If your boyfriend’s fade hasn’t been looking too hot recently, this Adidas hat will solve his problems for the time being.

You can buy it here.

12. Rings

Rings are essential to exuding drip. Your boyfriend is bound to appreciate this purchase.

You can buy it here.

13. Joji Vinyl

joji vinyl

If your significant other is truly an Asian f*boi, then there is a high probability that their favorite artist is on the label, 88rising. Joji, a prominent artist from 88rising, just dropped an LP recently. Consider this vinyl as a potential gift!

You can buy it here.

14. Chocolate

valentine's chocolate

Last but not least, you can’t go wrong with this Valentine’s Day classic!

You can buy it here.


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