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14 Valentine’s Day Gifts For A BTS Fan In 2021

Is there a special BTS fan in your life? Well, with Valentine’s Day steadily approaching, you may be worried on what to gift them. Luckily, I am here to help you. I have compiled 14 Valentine’s Day gifts specifically catered towards BTS fans.

1. A BTS 2020 Winter Package DVD Set

Valentine's Day DVD Set

This upcoming Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to cozy up next to your significant other and binge-watch BTS’ 2020 DVD Winter Package! It’s bound to be filled with hilarious moments and wholesome content; you can check out a trailer of it on YouTube.

You can order it online here.


Valentine's Day Skin Care

With this BTS MEDIHEAL box set, you can give the gift of good skin care. You’ll soon be on your way to attaining the same flawless skin BTS members have!

You can order it online here.

3. BTS TinyTan Figures

Valentine's Day Cute Figurines

Do I really need to say why this would be a good idea?

You can order it online here.

4. The Wooden Paint Palette Brooch Worn By Taehyung

Valentine's Day Brooch

BTS’ V made headlines for wearing this neat, little brooch at the airport. This cute little item was made by Kate Rowland — a talented UK artist. And now, you can own it too!

You can order it online here.

5. BTS Galaxy S20

Valentine's Day Phone

If you’re willing to shell out the big bucks for that special someone in your life, consider giving them a phone upgrade — a BTS phone upgrade. And you know what, the camera on this bad boy is nothing to scoff at either.

You can order it online here.

6.  Jimin’s Iconic Dr. Martens Chelsea Boots

Valentine's Day Boots

Is your significant other a Jimin bias? If so, gift them the same iconic boots that Jimin rocks!

You can order it online here.

7. BT21 Plushies

Valentine's Day BT21

Designed by the members of BTS, these adorable BT21 characters are a hot commodity for good reason. The alpaca displayed above was made by BTS member: Jin. However, you can’t go wrong with any BT21 plush, since they are all very, very cute.

You can order it online here.

8. RM’s Jewelry: Contact Ring

Valentine's Day Ring

We all know that BTS members have impeccable fashion sense. For example, RM’s ring here is very stylish. However, you can gift that same ring to somebody you know. And if they happen to be an RM bias, even better!

You can order it online here.

9. BTS ARMY Bomb Light Stick

Valentine's Day Light Stick

During BTS concerts, those bright lights you see filling up stadiums are emitted from these light sticks called ARMY Bombs. And when BTS finally goes on tour again, that special someone will have you in mind to thank if you get this for them.

You can order it online here.

10. Jo Malone Perfume Worn by Suga

Valentine's Day Perfume

Suga famously stated that he used to wear this perfume. Overall, perfumes are an underrated Valentine’s Day gift. However, this purchase has the added benefit of being popularized and used by a BTS member!

You can order it online here.

11. The Kaikai Kiki Plush J-Hope Likes to Carry

Valentine's Day Plush

You know the eye-catching, rainbow flower plush J-hope loves to carry around, as evident here? This item is known as a Kaikai Kiki plush, and it’s a perfect present for all the J-Hope fans out there.

You can order it online here.

12. BTS x VT Cosmetics

Valentine's Day Make-Up

For all those make-up enthusiasts, this BTS x VT collagen pact is a great pick-up. Additionally, this purchase also comes with a poster and some stickers!

You can order it online here.

13. Jungkook’s Keyboard

Valentine's Day Keyboard

If you know anyone into gaming, RGB keyboards are notorious for exuding a so-called ‘gamer’ aesthetic. But if it’s cool enough for Jungkook of BTS to own, you should consider buying one too!

You can order it online here.

14. Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day Card

Remember those Valentine’s Day cards we used to receive as kids? Now, we have a BTS-themed version! Explore the different kinds of cards here.

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