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13 Chinese Tattoos That Don’t Mean What You Thought

Have you ever seen someone with a tattoo of some “really cool” Chinese lettering or some Chinese phrase? It looks dope at first! But then you take a closer look, and it seems like they just tattooed the word “Dog” on their arm. Yikes.

Look, we get it, Chinese is a beautiful but difficult language. However, before deciding to permanently tattoo a Chinese phrase on your body, consider doing some research, or consult someone who can read Chinese. You might be tattooing phrases that mean complete and utter garbage. If you can’t read the language, you could be walking around with gibberish on you body. How awkward is that?

Here are 13 examples of some of those Chinese tattoos that may have said a different message than the meaning that was had in mind.


1). “Crispy and Refreshing Fishball Soup”


OK but real talk though, who wouldn’t want this tattooed on their body ?


2). “This is tattoo.”People get bad Chinese tattoos...and this is what some of the worst translate to in English

No explanation needed.


3). “Eunuch”


In case you don’t know, an “eunuch” is a man who has been castrated. In history, especially in the Middle East, China, and other Asian countries, eunuchs typically served as guards and servants in the women’s quarters in an oriental court.


4). ???

Bad Chinese Tattoo

This person may have tried to convey a meaningful or powerful message. However, this tattoo doesn’t make sense. The first couple of characters could possibly be a name. Literally translated, the words read “power” and “bitch”.


5). “Sweet and Sour Pork”


I mean, Chinese food IS amazing.


6). “Slippery”


Interesting font choice.


7). ????

Bad Chinese tattoo

This tattoo is yet another collection of random words. These include “year”, “blood”, “life and death”, “white”, “strong”, and….”cannabis”.


8). “Chicken Noodle Soup”




9). “Freshly Made Chicken Fried Rice”


Seriously, what’s with all these food tattoos?


10). “Noodle”


I do love me some good Chinese noodles.


11). “Poverty”


I mean I guess…


12). “Get Humiliated After Death”


I don’t get this one.


13). “Mad Diarrhea”


And last but not least, we end this with a butt joke. This one was apparently placed right above the butt crack, such a genius location!




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