10 Christmas Gifts Your Weeb Friends Will Love

Looking for an item to gift that one friend or family member who spends a little too much time watching anime? Or perhaps that description applies to you reading right now… Well if so, you are in luck! After hours of perusing the internet, I have compiled a list of 10 AWESOME weeb-related items in order to save you a ton of time and effort.

1. Jujutsu Kaisen – Satoru Gojo Nendoroid

Weebs everywhere can’t seem to stop simping over Satoru Gojo from the anime: Jujutsu Kaisen. Right now, this adorable figurine of Gojo is up for pre-order. Be sure to act quickly because this is guaranteed to sell out fast!

Buy this here.

2. Junji Ito Merchandise

This famed horror mangaka has some of the most eye-catching illustrations ever put to pen. Now, you and other fellow weebs have the ability to display his artwork on some slick apparel!

Buy this here.

3. A Bokksu Subscription

Bokksu is a neat little company that provides people boxes of premium Japanese snacks and tea pairings through a monthly subscription. For the weebs that wish to go to Japan someday, this is a nice alternative to exploring a bit of their food and culture!

Buy this here.

4. Azn Flush: Anime Pack

Azn Flush is a popular, drinking card game amongst many Asian-American circles. The anime edition of Azn Flush is super fun all-around and perfect for playing with your weeb friends!

Buy this here.

5. Naruto Akatsuki Bucket Hat

From Hypland’s anime apparel collection, this bucket hat is great for weebs out there that want to rep Naruto while keeping it somewhat low-key. Also, the rest of the website has some really dope pieces from other popular anime series like Hunter X Hunter and Bleach. 

Buy this here.

6. Your Name Blu-Ray

Your Name is considered by many critics and audience members to be a modern-day classic. This film is an essential item to own for any weeb or anime fan or quite frankly anyone with a good taste in movies. And remember, subbed > dubbed.

Buy this here.

7. Anime Portraits

Anime Portraits is a small business which offers custom anime portraits for weebs that would like to see themselves in their favorite anime worlds like Attack on Titan or Cowboy Bebop.

Buy this here.

8.  My Neighbor Totoro Plushy

It’s squishy and adorable. What’s not to like?

Buy this here.

9. Haikyuu Anime LED Light Acrylic Room Decor

This light fixture of Hinata Shoyo is the perfect addition for any weebs out there that are looking to spice up their rooms.

Buy this here.

10. A Shonen Jump Subscription

For the weebs out there that are also manga fans, this subscription is $1.99/month and supports the authors of the series we all love and enjoy ranging from One Piece to new drops like Chainsawman!

Buy this here.

Let us know what you think about these gifts and checkout our list of things to do with the top Christmas gifts for Boba Milk Tea Lovers here!

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